Soft Skills Training

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Technical knowledge isn’t everything. Our soft skills training is designed to improve personal and interpersonal skills, as well as business and office dynamics. The courses are a combination of credit and non-credit bearing courses.

The aim is to unlock the true potential of your employees, while maximising their future value.


Key areas of focus:

  • Business Skills: Designed to help employees perform professionally within an organisation
  • Specialised Business Skills: Professional and detailed training to develop specific business expertise in the fields of Business Process Management, Project Management, Business Finance, and ITIL
  • Interpersonal Skills: Skills programmes that develop employees to work well within a team, and their ability to communicate effectively with colleagues and customers
  • Intrapersonal Skills: Courses are designed to develop emotional intelligence, thereby enhancing the ability to know, understand and manage their own emotions
  • Supervisory and Leadership Skills: Programmes aimed at creating effective supervisors and leaders in order to improve employee motivation, increase organisational performance, and communicate expectations
  • Customer Care: Providing front-line staff with the knowledge, skills and competencies to effectively improve customer service and customer satisfaction
  • Business Fundamentals: Aimed at developing employees, with limited business exposure, on how to function in an office environment