About Us

Mmela Village Technologies (Pty) Ltd, which is part of the Mmela Group of Companies, spearheaded the development of the ICT Academy in 2015 in order to contribute to the fight against unemployment, skills shortage and access to ICT technologies training in South Africa.


The academy was founded with the main objective of empowering individuals, youths, organisations, and even societies in the rural areas of South Africa, where the opportunities for skills development and training are few and far between. As a dedicated academy that seeks to improve the skills, knowledge and life of our students, we understand the need for technological learning and how it impacts the world today. With technology driving the business world today, we want out alumni to go out into the world armed with the relevant information they need to succeed in the workplace.


We aim to provide opportunities for training that are affordable, accessible and centralised around ICT, as every business and industry is now using some form of technology to operate and complete business processes that can satisfy the demand for innovative and efficiently produced goods and services.

Our Vision

To realise the development and advancement of people through technology.

Our Mission

To empower people through credible and quality training.